Katha Phair, BA, COM
7339 El Cajon Blvd.
Suite D,
La Mesa, CA 91942

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Katha Phair

Welcome to the office of Katha Phair, a respected provider in the professional community. The practice’s top priority is to provide you with the highest quality myofunctional therapy in a friendly, comfortable environment.

We do our best to set our practice apart from the rest. Katha Phair is uniquely qualified to treat the various myofunctional problems that are referred to the office.

  • Katha Phair holds the distinction of being a Certified Orofacial Myologist, an honor held by a small percentage of clinicians practicing myofunctional therapy.

  • Katha Phair practices only myofunctional therapy all day, every day. She has conducted more than 150,000 therapy sessions over the past 39 years which makes her exceptionally qualified to diagnose and treat myofunctional disorders.

  • Katha Phair is recognized as an authority in the field of orofacial myology. She lectures and teaches within the dental, medical and allied professional community educating specialists on the benefits of myofunctional therapy.

  • Katha Phair strives to deliver the highest quality care in myofunctional therapy through her continuing involvement in myofunctional research and study. She uses the most advanced techniques in the diagnostic process while applying the latest findings from clinical research in the therapeutic exercises, all for the benefit of her patients.

  • Katha Phair does the diagnostic testing and conducts each therapy session personally; the patient begins in her care and remains in her care.

  • Because each patient and their myofunctional problems are unique, the patient is treated one on one with Katha Phair in a private therapy room, there is no group therapy.

  • Along with attention to each and every detail, Katha Phair is dedicated to treating patients with sensitivity in a relaxed yet professional manner.

  • Whether Katha Phair is caring for a new born or a ninety-six year old, her goal is to deliver exceptional therapy in a caring environment.